My cousin left his deck after getting wasted at party he invited me too in the coffins. What a prick. He's a big wig for Cynergy, but now I got a backdoor into their networks. Live data of all the metro systems of Cy. This has gotta be useful for something right? At the min we'll ransom it back to my cousin and pay off some of that debt.

Modern design layout of the metro systems of Cy including over 60 stops, express lines and an accompanying shitty mobile app to route yourself around Cy. What more do you want?

Keep tuned in. I'll be releasing rules for determing how long it takes to drag your sorry ass back and forth across Cy as well as a bunch of tables describing what sorry state the world is around you as you slink around.

Compatible with CY_BORG

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GenreInteractive Fiction
Tagsaesthetic, Character Customization, Cyberpunk, cy_borg, cyborg, Generator, hacker, tool


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This is great, thank you. 

Glad you like it :)